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connect reveal review

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This is Connect Reveal And Going Viral on Facebook Has Never Been So Easy. The Connect Reveal Application is the Key to Viral Marketing in 2014. The Like Button is Dead. This offer is reserved for those that are serious about Facebook marketing. The seller reserves the right to pull this offer at anytime over the next 7 days.

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Have you been spending a lot of money on Facebook advertising, to drive people to your business pages to get “Likes”? Numerous online companies has spent thousands and thousands of dollars to build their own fan pages and fan pages for their own clients.

However, there’s one little problem.. see. the “like button” is not what you think it is. Most think the “like” button is a way to build a list on Facebook, via their business pages, so that you can market to users over and over again. But the truth about the “like” button is something entirely different. Yes, the “like” button is the most important function to help Facebook target ads for their paying customers.

So, the purpose is NOT to help YOU get free exposure for your Facebook page or content via viral posting.

So, every time you or your visitors use the “like” button, you effectively drive Facebook ad prices UP, because the ad targeting gets better.

Let me ask you this…

When is the last time you felt like someone hitting a “like” button made your content speared virally? See where I’m going with this?!

I bet you want to get to the bottom of this, so I’ll help you out… CLICK HERE and see what exactly I’ve been talking about here.

There’s much more to this.. See, a “Share” or a “Wall Post” is basically like a giant knocking on YOUR door. a “Like” is a little bump that someone might accidentally trip over. Let’s look at it a bit further…

Have you ever noticed a “like” show up in your main friend feed?

Just think about it.. how many times you’ve seen someone share a picture r a link. Yeah, you can see that happening on an hourly basis, right? What is the reason for this?

See, Facebook rewards users for manually entering content over pushing a button (ala “like”). For that reason alone, the developers of Connect Reveal App decided to start moving away from focusing their marketing efforts on getting “likes”.

So, is there a better way to get Facebook users spread your message while at the same time ONLY have to press a few buttons to make it happen?

Connect Reveal Review

Sure there is.. it is called Connect Reveal App and it gives you the power to grow campaigns virally on Facebook, using “Shares” and take the power and list out of Facebook’s hands. So, there is no more “like” problem.

This Connect Reveal App has been in “testing and tweaking” period for months and it’s finally here:

The Connect Reveal App – Viral Facebook Marketing Made Easy.

What does Connect Reveal App actually do?

Connect Reveal App is:

Content Locker: It protects access to content until a user gives you permission to post to their wall. So that way, Facebook is happy, a User is happy and you can share the content as the user.
List Builder: It Builds a list as users are unlocking content. Awerber and Getresponse are natively supported in the Connect Reveal App.

Wall Poster: Posts your message on the wall of the person who clips your Connect Reveal button automatically. Due this being a user generated post, it will show up in their friends feeds and gain what the developers of this fantastic application rear to as the “viral potential”.

Wall Re-Poster: The ability to post on a Users’ wall does not stop at the initial permission. You can post to their wall anytime (as them) or post to an entire list of walls (everyone at once). This gives your campaign insane “viral potential”.

Permission Centric: Users can disallow posting on their wall at any time (and you are notified within the Connect Reveal App). This keeps Facebook and users happy. I guess you’d like to see Connect Reveal App in action, so here’s a video for you to watch…

Connect Reveal App

What do I get when I buy Connect Reveal App?

You get:

Unlimited use of Connect Reveal App: Yu can build as many as you like and make money by offering the Connect Reveal App service to clients, or just keep it to yourself. This is normally a $37 a month service… but not for you.

Browser based convenience: Connect Reveal App is a browser based program so there is no crazy server setup or complication. You simply login to this easy interface and go… from anywhere in the world you have internet access.

Training videos: Connect Reveal App is extremely easy to setup and use right out of the box, but the developers will be covering everything via video walkthrough to make sure you can start using Connect Reveal App in as little as 1 hour from the time you purchase.

Help desk support: The developers realize that questions will come up and they are excited to help you use the Connect Reveal Application. If you have any questions, all you have to do is submit a ticket and they will work on it.

Q: Can I see how the Connect Reveal App interface looks like?

A: Of course, here’s a short video for you…

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How do I make money with Connect Reveal App?

You can make money with:

CPA offers: Hide a FREE report behind a Connect Reveal App button and give it to people when they click the Connect Reveal App button. Lead them to a one time offer once thez click the button. Set up to autopost the free offer to their page.

Affiliate promotions: The developers used this very app to promote the upcoming launch of this product to a group of affiliates and buyers. This make getting your upcoming offer out to others simple and viral.

Offilne clients: Imagine hiding a coupon behind a Connect Reveal App button and then auto-posting the whole funnel to the users wall. Restaurants, doctors, etc would kill for this functionality. Save them from the “Like” button!

Product launches: Connect Reveal was practically made to help product creators promote their launch via the use of buyer bonuses and prelaunch content sharing. This is a game changer in the product launch field and that’s just the beginning…

And did I mention Connect Reveal App is really easy to set up?

You can have your first Connect Reveal campaign up and running 20 minutes from the time you purchase Connect Reveal. Check out this video to see how easy this is…

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Ok, sounds almost too good to be true, so where to buy Connect Reveal App and hHow much is it going to cost to gain access to one of the most powerful viral marketing tools on the market today?

Due to the extreme power of the Connect Reveal Application the sellers normally charge a premium for access to the product – that is $37 PER MONTH!

But, if you act today, you can get access to the Connect Reveal Application and:

  • Build unlimited campaigns
  • Set up unlimited Connect Reveal buttons
  • Have unlimited postings to your Facebook campaign list walls
  • Gain access to top notch support

… and it will ONLY cost you a ONE TIME PRICE of…

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The risk is all on the sellers and you have their 30 day money back guarantee so please tell me…

How does it get any better than that?!

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